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   Areas of Practice in our Tantallon Office



Family Law

With over 43 years experience in all areas of Family Law, I realize that the ability to help a family law client depends on not just knowledge of the law, but a compassionate understanding of the other factors involved in your situation.

I will listen to you at all times, taking your instructions, but providing you with the options that may help you achieve your goals and those of your children.

Our practice is in the areas of Separation Agreements, Divorce, Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements, as well as Child Protection. I will help you deal with issues involving Custody, Child and Spousal Support, Division of Property, variation of existing Agreements or Court Orders and enforcement of existing Orders.

Also, I am trained to practice collaborative family law.

Employment Law

I will assist you in any difficulties you may be experiencing in the workplace, including with respect to wrongful dismissal, severance proposals, workplace harassment, and downsizing changes to your job function and accomodation.

My goal is to explain your rights and obligations in the workplace in a simple, straightforward manner so that you can provide instructions to me to take steps on your behalf. If you simply want advice, I can provide that advice so that you will be able to return to your place of employment with a thorough understanding of your rights.

Wills and Estates

I prepare Wills,Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives. In addition, I will carry out the legal work in the administration of estates including obtaining Grants of Probate or Administration and all the necessary documentation required by Probate Court in a timely fashion and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations under the Probate Act.

General Litigation

I provide legal services for collection of debt, neighbour disputes, recovery of damages for personal injuries and property damage suffered as a result of the negligence of others.

I will also act as Counsel for you at Administrative Boards, Commissions and Tribunals in the investigation of workplace accidents and negligence or breach on the part of corporations or individuals.

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